Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ipoh Mali

21 Jan
I forgot how peaceful and beautiful Ipoh was until I got home last week. Early in the morning (around 10am :P) I had heaps of time to kill before packing again to balik Cyberjaya. Had an egg for breakfast as usual -did you know that adding ½ - 1 teaspoon of fresh milk into a half boiled egg eliminates its fishiness?- and then it was photoshoot time. Check out the pictures!

The terracotta pond in the backyard of my house has grown into a little city of its own. :P

"Take a picture of me!" Goldie wants to be photographed. I had to or...

...she'll bite. :O So I snapped a few pictures but eventually things got ugly...

...some things are better left unseen... :
These just bloomed in my backyard. They emit some really wicked fragrance even the ants are attracted to it.
Later, my dad, my sisters and I went to town to buy cake(s) hahaha to celebrate my dad's belated birtday which was on 16 Jan. We passed by Canning Garden (Guai Woh Yun - Literally means expensive and peaceful garden). I like this picture. It's probably one of the greenest neighborhood in Ipoh.

...On my way back home.
No matter how much green there is left in Ipoh, we know it can not last. Let's hope we know what we're doing...cheh... :P

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Anonymous said...

All your photos really impressed me. You have perfect skill in taking and touching up photos.