Ulu Yam (29 July)

Sungai Sendat, Ulu Yam

Two months ago, William's friend's friend Leona from FCM wanted to take pictures of a waterfall for her assignment. William suggested to drive her there while we tagged along in a car whose owner shall not be named *Winks* hahaha!

And so we arrived at this little village at the foot of the hill...there were people selling fruits and vegetables by the road. It was a muddy day. We didn't know exactly where the waterfall is and Jon's GPS only took us as far as the main roads go. So I went and ask a fruit seller lady. She seemed like she spoke mandarin, so I asked...

Me : Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the waterfall?
Lady: Ha mi ar? (What? in hokkien)
Me : (In Hokkien)How do I get to the....

at this point, I was figuring out how to say 'waterfall' in Hokkian

Me : (still in Hokkian)...the place err...where the water comes down...water...water....

the lady watched me as I mumbled...then suddenly she got what I said...

Lady: Oh!! Air terjun ar?
She went on saying that she didn't know how to get there, and directed me to the opposite stall for further inquiries...
...and we finally got to the waterfall.

Brokenscrew and err...monkey?
Brokenscrew and err...monkey?

Leona and 'EAGLE!'...actually her real name is Liu Yan
Leona and 'EAGLE!'...actually her real name is Liu Yan

After a while at the waterfall, we were joined by a group of enthusiastic elderly trekking their way to the highest part of the waterfall. Amused by our doings, they asked where we came from what what we're doing...and later we (well...only me) even took a picture together. They were from the Malaysian Buddhist Co-operative Society in PJ.

Buddists and me hehe

Then a group picture of us...next to some skinny dippers...
William, 'Eagle!', Leona, Jon, Me
William, 'Eagle!', Leona, Jon, Me

Some weird insect
It's funny how I always attract insects...

Butterfly on my watch
...they love me!! hahahah

Later that day, William brought us to Rawang...and his grandmother's house where there were chickens, dogs...
I think they are an item la
I think they are an item ler...

...and nice food, too. hehe. Didn't get a good picture of the whachamacallit hot sauce over crispy fried noodle...mmmm
Of all the things, I had to take a picture of William's bitch...

William's bitch


Anonymous said…
Nice fotos..esp the bug n butterfly :D
Anonymous said…
your pictures never fail to amaze me. what camera ju use?

Thanks guys. I'm still using a normal digital compact cam.
Anonymous said…
I didn't know you are such an awesome photographer. The close-up shots are great! True talent hides beneath these few shots and I think you should explore it more...:)
Anonymous said…
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Buy APR: Acquire APR refers to credit history card purchases.
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In the past couple of a long time, there have been a selection of large-profile vendors compelled to repay extensive sums of financial resources to victims of mis-marketed payment safety insurance. These men and women have been ready to assert refunds on their payments as they have been bought the procedures in an unfair way.
Selecting a reliable insurance plan corporation is very important when paying for a property. Some house owner insurance procedures match in just a spending plan but do not produce the protection that a wide selection of clients need to have or the coverage matches the require but is far too costly.
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Yucky Receipts Test: The considered to 've got met the $5
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What is it you mean through "make them to become self-sufficient to stop it?" Do
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Hotter weather could in turn lower plant yields in an 4C world'"raising is all about about future produce security. Topic experiments have demonstrated that crops are highly sensitive which will temperatures above precise thresholds. One in particular study cited in the report commonly found that each 'growing degree day' paid at a high temperature of 30 states decreases yields on 1% under drought-free rain-fed conditions.
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The day before Bank of The country's website went down, PC Magazine circulated an article a claimed that in
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