Saturday, August 22, 2009

Zürich - Day II

Day 2, Octavia and I didn't wanna waste our last day hibernating in the hotel so we decided to take a walk to the city.


Curious dog

Crowne Plaza is around here









For lunch, we had kebab and Corona beer. Then it was back to hotel, and back home...

Next up...

Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, August 21, 2009

5 December 2008 - Zürich

Zürich Day I
As promised, this post is all about Zürich. Zürich is a beautiful city - old and rustic with a lot of history, just like most of the other European cities. It is also where I had my first experience with snow. I'll never forget when I first stuck my tongue out into the freezing air to taste snowflakes haha.

And the tour we've decided to go on was Mount Titlis that claims to have snow all year round. Luckily it was winter anyway so snow was in abundance!

In the tram on our way to the pickup location for the tour
Judith and Octavia(hmm...notice how this post is similar to that of my Paris post)

The rest of the pictures there on was a blur because they were all taken from the bus. But this is a nice clear-ish shot of of a 'cottage' on the way up to a little town called Engelberg where Titlis is.

so excited to see snow!

From Engelberg, we took a cable car up the mountain. The weather got worse as we ascended. We were told that the temperature would drop as low as -17°C outside!!

As we arrived, there were a few places from which we can start. This is the glacier tunnel. Apparently the temperature in here never goes higher than 0°C. Hence the glacier stays frozen and the tunnel remains even during summer. See this little column I'm leaning against? There are buttons on top of it with names like "Disco" and "Pop" ...etc. Press on a button and the tunnel is instantly played with the choice of music. As for me, I pretty liked the "Yoddle"!



Surprisingly, the particular tour company we decided to join that day had us and two other people only...
This is what happens when you set FOUR cameras on timer to go off at the same time

Later on, we put our sustenance towards cold to the test and out we went into the blizzard!


What's a snow experience without snow angels?

Lunch time. The best thing about the cold is you get to sip chocolate at its best - super hot and frothy! Mmm mm! And by the way, that meal there was heavy on the cost, literally! They charge by weight up there so you really 'watch your weight' when you eat, mind the puns!

Leaving Titlis

I love this picture because of its background. Stunning mountains nice pine trees. It's as if God was coating His Black Forest Cake with icing sugar...sweet :)

Next, the tour took us to the city of Luzern (or Lucern)for a little souvenir shopping, in case we didn't get enough of them at Titlis.


Back in Zürich Central Station, there was a night market made especially for Christmas. There were pushcart stalls everywhere selling decorative items and everything Christmas. They even had stars projected on the ceiling!

And there stood this huge Christmas tree with white glittery things all over it. A closer look and we realized these white things are in fact...

...Swarovski crystals!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paris - Day II

Long delay there from Day I to Day II. Mostly because I was so lazy...and photobucket was giving me upload problems. Anyways this is Day II of Paris:

Day II, I set out to explore Paris on my own since none of the rest wanted to leave the hotel. I rented a bicycle from the self-help bicycle stands available in many parts of the city, pretty convenient stuff.

Panorama of Paris
Panorama of Paris

The French Statue of Liberty by the Seine, Paris
The French Statue of Liberty by the Seine

Then of course there were brands like these:

Jimmy Choo

And these are just some of the nice scenery taken which look very postcard-ish...


I finally arrived at Notre Dame, the iconic landmark of renaissance Paris. This is where Quasimodo the hunchback bell ringer came from!!! Haha
Infront of Notre Dame
Infront of Notre Dame, which means "Our Dame" or "Our Lady"


Here are the people who helped me took a picture of me in front of Notre Dame. They were doing a bit for some TV channel or university video project...

They say Paris is the most romantic city in the world where one finds love and falls in it, I say it is also a weird city where one finds strange encounters:

A car is parked outside a church...
weird car outside a church

The police spotted the car...

The police woman takes a look at the car...

Is it just me or is the car damn weird looking. So is it because it was parked at a no-parking zone or were the police as amused?

The day was short lived, I had to report for work in the evening. I had late lunch after my day around Paris and what an expensive place to live in. A plate of steak with a glass of apricot juice cost €14, that's MYR70!
RM70 Lunch

So there you go, Day II at Paris. Sorry I have to keep the posts concise and limit the number of pictures since I'll have tons of posts coming up.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paris - Day I

It's been exactly four months since I first step foot into Paris. It was my birthday when I arrived. I can still remember the thrill when I peeked out of the aircraft window. And just before I disembark, my colleagues gave me a surprise birthday bash with cake and all - business class style :D

Here's just a summary of events
The next day, Cass, Cherry, Karen and I decided to tour Paris:

From left: Cherry, Cass, Karen. Cameraman: ME
That's chez Clément restaurant - quite a posh place. Le Meridien(where we stayed) is just a few doors away.

We headed down Avenue de la Grande Armée towards Arc de Triumphe. There we had breakfast by the street - French omelette with sausages and a hot cup of chocolate, coupled by the cold autumn(near winter) weather <- This is my dream come true, man! Rue Saint-Ferdinand
Rue Saint-Ferdinand

Arc de Triumphe
Arc de Triumphe

To go to Champs Elysées, we have to go through an underpass.
Champs Elysées!
Champs Elysées

From Champs Elysées we took a train to the Louvre.
Below Louvre

The infamous glass pyramid of Louvre

Cross-eyed Cass
The Louvre is situated in a huge courtyard where there are statues everywhere. Cass is with one here hehe

Outside Louvre there's a pond for ducks and gulls to feed. While I was attracted to the birds, this little French cutie caught the girls' eyes. Her dad was kind enough to share some bread to feed the birds


We continued our journey to a shopping mall called La Fayette. On the way we stopped by a little shop for some crêpes just around Place de la Concorde
Place de la Concordet
Place de la Concorde


After crêpes, we were off to La Fayette to shop. Louis Vuitton? Anyone? Not me!
On the way...

Pretending to be busy

crossing road
Crossing Rue Duphot at Boulevard de la Madeleine

...found a church - The Madeleine

Inside Madeleine
Inside Madeleine

Academie Nationale de Musique
The National Music Academy

After a couple of hours waiting for the girls to get their LV stuff, we could finally go visit the Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower

Down by the road just before the tower, there's a working carousel and a few snack stalls. This particular stall looked very amusing...

The sign says Churros bien chaud. Churro is a spanish pastry very much like doughnut but is deep fried. Read more about it here
This is how it's made. First the CHURROMAN squeezes the dough out of the machine, which molds it into an long 8 sided star like PLAYDOH. He then cuts the dough into desired length, right into a hot pot of oil.
Churros bien chaud!
Churros bien chaud - Very hot Churros!

Once the churros are cooked to golden perfection, he tosses them with sugar and voila! It's done. :D
Churros + sugar

A 'pyramid' of churros cost 5 euros and with and addition of 1 euro, you can have nutella chocolate for dips!
Churros avec chocolate!

Group shot
Just in time for a group photo after some yummy churros

Being under the Eiffel tower was surreal. I remember having to see pictures or watch movies(like this one here) of the Eiffel tower and think "how I wish I were here", and here I was it was right under my a way.

The queue at the tower was tremendous! We waited for almost an hour to get our tickets. To go all the way up to the top of the tower costs 12euros but it was worth it after all. The view was breath taking even though it was freezing up there.

View from the top indeed!
A view from the top indeed!

North, South, East and West pillars


Eiffel Tower (Nightshot)

Later that night after returning from sight-seeing, we went for a feast of mussels at Léon de Bruxelles near our hotel.

That's all for Day I in Paris. In Day II, I will be out and about in Paris alone, on a bicycle!