Monday, May 26, 2008

Taman Pertanian

A couple of weeks ago my sister, Kelly and I decided to go have a look see the very 'famous' Taman Pertanian in Shah Alam. I've been there when I was a little boy but only remember passing by the padi fields...and that is all. Since Kelly's dad would take his morning jobs here every Sunday, we decided to bump into him that day.

As we approached the entrance of the park, there were multiple sign boards that had different names to the park, which was pretty confusing. Once there, there wasn't much amusement to it. It was just a normal park. I remember the crowds of people cramming on the little tar road to see the park when it was newly opened. Here are some pictures taken there.

Some monument
Here is a monument at entrance of the park (where you pay to enter). It's some sort of concrete monument that signifies a tree that bears all fruits. You can see concrete durians and mangosteens here.

Kelly and Suan
Kelly and my sis, Suan pose for the camera. Here is where we waited for the park to open. We had free sausage McMuffins for free courtesy of me!

Heard what the parot said? No. The parot made no noise. The myna bird on the other hand can make motorbike honks!

Myna bird
Just in case you guys don't know what a myna is, this is it. I didn't take this photo.

Horse or pony?
It's like a little zoo here. There are so many animals!

There are porcupines!?

...and a domestic cat...

God knows what this turkey is fussing about!

Lizard. Spotted it when I was taking a picture of myself by the lake.

The most fun thing to do while you're here is to cycle. Once you're tired, the next best thing to do is to take the bus.

There were lots of flowering plants too but I didn't get to take most of them properly. Here are some:

Tiny flowers
Here using macro, my favorite styles of all, I took a bed of fallen mango flowers.

Bunga Raya
If I were 75, there would have been countless pictures of Bunga Raya just like this.

After the whole morning on bike, we resorted to taking the bus and had a final view of the whole park without having to walk. It's really relaxing to just sit back and enjoy the view...

... and some good'ol fashion ice cream!!
Ice Cream
'Ais Krim' served old school style! Yummy!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last Day at Work

Towards the last day of work, my colleagues and I planned to have a little feast to celebrate since three of us are leaving the company, Alright I know it's a little late, my job ended 30 April which was almost a month ago, but a post is still one if there's a story to tell.

So one fine Friday, we decided to makan at Italiannies in 1utama. It was my first time there.

Paul, Elvin and Chin
Sunny and James
Here are all the people who were there, including myself of course

There are a handful of Italian food to choose from but most of us had Carbonara. The carbonara there was wonderful. Just look at it!!


Macchiato(that's "maki-ato")

Veggie Pizza
Veggie Pizza

All the food here is scrumptious...but you don't have to take my word for it. Just look at Paul. Pictures indeed tell more than words :D

And for dessert....
Ice Cream Cake!
Ice Cream Cake!

So there we go, all three of us Paul, Elvin and I leaving - Paul is with Public bank now, Elvin is in Maila (Manilla) and the team is now left with James and Sunny and two of our supervisors...sigh. Well, leaving or not leaving, I wish you guys all the best. May the force be with you.