Monday, January 29, 2007

Student again

First day back in campus after being away for such a long time. Back for classes and I can't believe I actually miss studying and going to classes!

Classes were alright since it's only the first day. I only had two hours of class today :P As I entered my first class, I was surprised to notice that the tables were so neatly neat it barely looked MMU.

The FOE - Faculty of Engineering. As you can see it is covered by a layer of fiberglass to hide the construction flaws.... the walls were cracking!!

Had orange juice in the morning.

Morning sun in hostel

This is my last day using the Sony DSC-W1. I had to return it to my boss cos' I've been hogging it for too long lol... Goodbye Cybershot... I'll miss you!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Overrating Dove

What do we do to keep our skin soft and baby skin? In today's world, there are so many products from scrubs to lotions to keep our skin feeling silky smooth. This is not news but these days people want fast and effective ways to get the job done and get on the go. So, the hype on moisturizing shower creams seem never ending.

Just a week ago, my sister bought me a shower cream. Not just any shower cream but a Dove®. I'm sure some might still remember the "Wey, my skin like the baby skin...amazing!" advert. It's all true. I have not really tried the cream versions but as for the bars they are really soggy and they melt easily...hard to handle. Plus, eventhough they lather, they don't make good cleansers. So I tried the cream version, I thought maybe it'll be the same and I had to use it because I was out of soap.

It started off alright but gets a little too 'slimey'. On a hot and humid day or just another day when you're extra oily or dirty, it gets even slimier. What worse is no matter how much you apply, because its ¼ moisturizing cream, it won't lather up at all! My skin drank up the moisture alright cos' in the end it sort of dries off. Feels as though you're just putting cream all over your body and there's no squeeky clean after-shower feel.

I don't mind using Dove® when I feel like a pamper and that's all it does. I must admit it is wonderful for drier skin types. As for guys, let's just stick to a cleanser that actually cleanses, not one that only moisturizes. There's a reason why cleansers and moisturizers are named what they are :P Or at least make it clearER... But until they come up with a moisturizer that cleanses, my point on Dove®'s over-moisturizing qualities as a cleanser will remain underrated.

Dove Parody: Bird.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Come Monday...

22 Jan

This is a pass given by the custom officers at KLIA to enter the cargo area there in Sepang. Boss took me and Kak Saini (colleague) to collect new goods shipped in from Germany because he needed me to take photographs of the new items for logistic purposes.

It was my first time going to the cargo...there wasn't much to see except for planes flying really close. Not close enough to burn your hair though. Apparently, the entry used to be free. Now it costs RM10 per person just to enter and we barely spent more than 20 minutes there! But it says daily pass so I suppose RM10 is for the whole day. Nevertheless, it used to be FREE!

Work's done...Great success! Boss took us to LCCT's Asian Kitchen for lunch. The entire place was stuffed with travellers. By the way, the porridge there sucks so if you ever go there even as a last resort, don't order porridge.

Seriously, I'd go for McD's anytime...even if it means there are no seats left and I had to sit outside by the M like this guy.

LCCT from the carpark.

Later that night, my sister, Kelly, Sharen and June Yong (they are all colleagues in Ericsson) and I went to Puchong for dinner. We picked the one opposite Tesco...the one that has fried chaw kui...I have no idea what the name of the shop is. It says RESTORAN *blur*

Notice the circle in the picture. There was a debate over it between me and some friends. Blind Massage Centre is it a massage centre that offers massages only to the blind? Or a massage centre that hires the blind? Or is it all just a hoax...they are not actually blind?!

Back in K.L.

21 Jan, evening...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ipoh Mali

21 Jan
I forgot how peaceful and beautiful Ipoh was until I got home last week. Early in the morning (around 10am :P) I had heaps of time to kill before packing again to balik Cyberjaya. Had an egg for breakfast as usual -did you know that adding ½ - 1 teaspoon of fresh milk into a half boiled egg eliminates its fishiness?- and then it was photoshoot time. Check out the pictures!

The terracotta pond in the backyard of my house has grown into a little city of its own. :P

"Take a picture of me!" Goldie wants to be photographed. I had to or...

...she'll bite. :O So I snapped a few pictures but eventually things got ugly...

...some things are better left unseen... :
These just bloomed in my backyard. They emit some really wicked fragrance even the ants are attracted to it.
Later, my dad, my sisters and I went to town to buy cake(s) hahaha to celebrate my dad's belated birtday which was on 16 Jan. We passed by Canning Garden (Guai Woh Yun - Literally means expensive and peaceful garden). I like this picture. It's probably one of the greenest neighborhood in Ipoh.

...On my way back home.
No matter how much green there is left in Ipoh, we know it can not last. Let's hope we know what we're doing...cheh... :P

Guess That Animal

A number of people have commented on my pet, most of them didn't even know what it was before they commented. Type your answers in the comments page...

Lunch at Kota Kemuning

18 Jan
The other day during lunch, Christy recommended me Yam rice with Pork soup, it's really something I wouldn't order myself. So Jyh Shyn, Christy and I went to NTS coffee shop. Jyh Shyn ordered indian rice while both of us tried the yam rice...

Love to see this fella eat... he really helps your appetite.

Nice! but very small portion. I had to add another bowl of rice for RM1!! A little too expensive for so little.

Took this after lunch.

You've got DEW!

Dirgahayu Oh Putrajaya!

And so it began my first actual photoshoot with this little Sony... Jon wanted to try out his EOS 400D, so we headed straight for Putrajaya. As compared, his cam most definitely took clearer, crispier pictures. See for yourself

Took some pic of this building with Jon's cam, took this with mine. I prefered mine.

I found the floor pretty reflective...and slippery...

The α, β and γ

First it was Xanga. Started blogging in 2004 when Celine introduced it to me. It was pretty popular that time but exactly one year after I started, I just stopped...and my blog died there and then....

Just a few months ago when I started my industrial training in a company called Centrionics (sole distributor for a few analytical instruments brands such as Mercury Instruments, Waltron, ENOTEC etc...must advert abit...hehe) I was given a laptop, a company handphone and most intriguing of all a camera...not a great one but probably one of the leading ones during its time - a Sony DSC-W1. And the adventures began...

I figured I'd take some photos and put them up in my blog, that's when I went back to Xanga but only to find out that it could only store up to 100MB of images. So I resorted to photoblog, unlimited uploads, but only 20 pics per post per day...and it lacked functionality and customizations. So finally I gave Blogspot a shot.