Friday, January 26, 2007

Come Monday...

22 Jan

This is a pass given by the custom officers at KLIA to enter the cargo area there in Sepang. Boss took me and Kak Saini (colleague) to collect new goods shipped in from Germany because he needed me to take photographs of the new items for logistic purposes.

It was my first time going to the cargo...there wasn't much to see except for planes flying really close. Not close enough to burn your hair though. Apparently, the entry used to be free. Now it costs RM10 per person just to enter and we barely spent more than 20 minutes there! But it says daily pass so I suppose RM10 is for the whole day. Nevertheless, it used to be FREE!

Work's done...Great success! Boss took us to LCCT's Asian Kitchen for lunch. The entire place was stuffed with travellers. By the way, the porridge there sucks so if you ever go there even as a last resort, don't order porridge.

Seriously, I'd go for McD's anytime...even if it means there are no seats left and I had to sit outside by the M like this guy.

LCCT from the carpark.

Later that night, my sister, Kelly, Sharen and June Yong (they are all colleagues in Ericsson) and I went to Puchong for dinner. We picked the one opposite Tesco...the one that has fried chaw kui...I have no idea what the name of the shop is. It says RESTORAN *blur*

Notice the circle in the picture. There was a debate over it between me and some friends. Blind Massage Centre is it a massage centre that offers massages only to the blind? Or a massage centre that hires the blind? Or is it all just a hoax...they are not actually blind?!

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