Saturday, January 27, 2007

Overrating Dove

What do we do to keep our skin soft and baby skin? In today's world, there are so many products from scrubs to lotions to keep our skin feeling silky smooth. This is not news but these days people want fast and effective ways to get the job done and get on the go. So, the hype on moisturizing shower creams seem never ending.

Just a week ago, my sister bought me a shower cream. Not just any shower cream but a Dove®. I'm sure some might still remember the "Wey, my skin like the baby skin...amazing!" advert. It's all true. I have not really tried the cream versions but as for the bars they are really soggy and they melt easily...hard to handle. Plus, eventhough they lather, they don't make good cleansers. So I tried the cream version, I thought maybe it'll be the same and I had to use it because I was out of soap.

It started off alright but gets a little too 'slimey'. On a hot and humid day or just another day when you're extra oily or dirty, it gets even slimier. What worse is no matter how much you apply, because its ¼ moisturizing cream, it won't lather up at all! My skin drank up the moisture alright cos' in the end it sort of dries off. Feels as though you're just putting cream all over your body and there's no squeeky clean after-shower feel.

I don't mind using Dove® when I feel like a pamper and that's all it does. I must admit it is wonderful for drier skin types. As for guys, let's just stick to a cleanser that actually cleanses, not one that only moisturizes. There's a reason why cleansers and moisturizers are named what they are :P Or at least make it clearER... But until they come up with a moisturizer that cleanses, my point on Dove®'s over-moisturizing qualities as a cleanser will remain underrated.

Dove Parody: Bird.


William Leong said...

is that for shower or just normal cream?

cream shower =/= shower cream?

...and me, Calvin said...

that's shower cream...the normal stuff use for shower. but it goes on like bubbles!