Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Black! It's White! It's Micro Jession!

There are a lot of names to this drink. Some call it Hak Bak, some call it Cham, others just say soya bean cincau (cincau = leong fun = seaweed jelly). Whatever I you we they he she it call(s) it, it's a white colored drink with black jelly strips.

Lunch time. My supervisor Yong, guai lan colleagues James, Paul, Sunny, Elvin and I squeezed ourselves as usual into a car like self-packing sardines and chose Taman Megah as our lunch spot that day. We'd usually go there for the Gu Lou Yok (Old fashioned pork) rice. There, the drinks man would come and greet us and take our orders in English and Hokkien.

"SHAMONE!!" (that's Paul in the background...)

That day, the man's daughter (or so I pressume) came to take our order. I had a sudden craving for soya bean cincau and I didn't know what they call it here so I just said "soya bean cham leong fun" and hoped that it would be 'standard' enough for this area.

"OK, one Micro Jession" said the lady.

I had no idea what she just said. Confused, I turned over to look at James...

"Yala, Michael Jackson mah" he said, that soya bean cincau is called Michael Jackson in this area.

I was dumbfounded.
And since Sunny always gets Michael Jackson and Lambo (Rambo) mixed up:

Soya bean + Cincau = Micro Jession @ Lambo


I finally own a laptop after so many months of waiting. I stated before in my previous post that I was considering only HP Compaq Presario V3700 series and also DELL Inspiron series but ended up buying something else. I've been told that it's not the best deal in town, but I'm loving it anyhow. Call me superficial if you may but I looooove how it feels - so solid!! So berqualiti!!

The Y410

A closer look

So here's the specs:

Lenovo 3000 Y410
Processor: Intel® Core®2 Duo processor T5550 (1.83GHz, 667 MHz, 2MB L2 Cache)
Memory: 2GB DDR2
Hard Disk: 160GB (5400rpm)

Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
Everything else is standard: Bluetooth, Wifi, 6 cell battery, integrated 1.3MP web cam, 3 years extended warranty and insurance.

Everyday since I got my lappie, I can't wait to go home to it. And now I'm waiting to leave the office!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's all about PCs

As I sat in front of my desktop PC trying hard to revive him but to no avail, I wondered what it'd be like in 50 years' time when Human-PC bond is much, way much more humane, and also euthanasia were to be legalized for PCs....

Priest: "Dear Lord, we've gathered here today to mourn and witness the 'going' of a breakthrough, a bold processor, a technological legend, and most importantly a friend. Look not at how poorly it performed, but at how it marveled and changed people's life...and who better to remember him than his equally loyal friend..."

Me: "He has been my loyal PC and friend for the pass 5 years *sobs* We've done so, so much together. I'll never forget the good times we had - the downloads, TORRENTS, movies (box office and ohlala!!), mp3s, surfing, and he even helped me in my assignments and projects *sobs sobs* He's so much a part of me that while he has been sick for the pass few months, I couldn't help but feel 'sick' as well. He's in lots misery and suffering. And now, it is an honor for me to end his 'pain' on behalf of him, for him. Rest in peace my friend. *SOBS* " ----Blue screen of death----

"Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling"

Yes, lets not look back in time but look forward to new oppoturnities. For example, PC fair starts today. And my, where do I start. So many unloved PCs available to your liking - desktops, laptops, palmtops...what's next? Buttops? ( BUTTOPS! not recommended for pregnant or nursing women, As with any buttocks units come in one standard fit-all-buttocks size. Buttock pads not included. BUTTOPS! )

With my PC coming to the end of its product life cycle, I am already eyeing on a couple of laptops. After a while of deciding, this is the list of laptops that I may consider getting:
HP Compaq Presario V3700 series

Dell Inspiron 1420 (Dr Pepper not included)

I just found out that Dell is giving a free upgrade to 3GB of RAM as PC fair promotion..hmm not bad. Well, can't decide now. Will see how things go there and I'll update here (with the new lappie, of course) when I've bought it. So PC fair tomorrow, anyone?