Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here's what's been going on since my last post.

I found a job. With James' help, I landed myself in a mobile phone company that produces phone I never have thought of buying (I do mean this in a neutral way. No, really!!) :P Here's a hint. It's American. Its not bad actually. Most of time we have more fun than work, which involves testing phones. And speaking of the phones, uhm... great phones...yee-ah...

Anyway, working life sucks. Mainly because I have to wake up at 6.20am, take a shuttle bus to Putrajaya Sentral then take another bus to Kelana Jaya Station...(phew!) and again another shuttle bus to the office. I really dread waking up so damn early. Have I mentioned how bad the jam is? No? Well you don't wanna know.

I miss taking pictures, with a camera that is. Camera phones just don't cut it (doh!).
The Gardens, taken with a XXXXXXXX X9

I was in Singapore recently with Jon, Ena and Ayu. It was my first trip there in 13 years and it really changed my perception of Singaporeans and their country.

Singaporeans and Malaysians are the same in so many many ways. We have mamak, we speak Manglish/Singlish and most importantly we were one same country once...braders and sisters wat. But what makes them them now is that they are kiasu [kia = afraid, su = defeat. kiasu = afraid of being defeated]. They really are! They're arrogant, self-centered, and self-efficient. They will never be caught dead losing (No offense my fellow neighbors). Everything they do, they do their best and they're best at what they do. Just look at how well they're doing now relative to Malaysia.

Enter Singapore at the customs and the difference is apparent. The custom officers' attitude clearly shows. As we passed the first check point, we realized we needed an autopass and so we enquired the custom officer. He gave crystal clear directions in perfect English to where the office is. And because we missed that too, we had to ask another officer. This time, it was a woman. Jon winded down his window and was immediately attended to.
"Yes?" she said
"We missed the custom office for our autopass" said Jon
"Alright, what you can do now is pull over and you'll be guided by the officer over there"
No fuss.
She yelled to another man and told him what we needed. The man hastily guided us to a safe spot, pulled us over and lead Jon to the office. Jon returned to the car in no time with the autopass, a stash of papers and clear guidelines.

One could only imagine how Malaysian customs is. In fact, no need to imagine! As we left Singapore and entered Malaysian customs, we handed our passports to the officer. He looked at the passports and asked
"OK" said the officer and handed the passports back to us without checking nor any stampings.


Clarke Quay

Last week, my sis, Jon and I (Kelly couldn't make it) went to a MYCAT (The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers) event in Zoo Negara. It was an awareness event for people to sign the petition to urge the government to amend the Protection of Wildlife Act, which does not cover the protection againts use of products made from tigers.

The Malayan Tiger

Crime scene


Mary had TWO little lambs



Feed them elephants for RM1

Jon, me and sis.

Where is the show?

I work in the pantry(yes, the test team works in the pantry). The pantry is consists of a fridge, an oven, James, Sunny, Paul(a), Elvin (Mr Low), Chee Leong and Cina Ling. Its not a bad place. In fact its better! Wide angle view of the golf course just outside, seperate air-con unit for the pantry, and lots of biscuits. Sometimes people buy us nice food. We eat. Sometime people keep THEIR food in the pantry. We eat. Whatever (food) comes in will never see daylight...muahahaha! That's just how things work...
What I see everyday at work

I apologize for the low quality pictures. I'll try to get hold of my camera again, then i can take high resolution picture of the cake I sat on this morning....


Friday, October 19, 2007

Graduation Part II - From a different perspective

Flowering tree near FOE

Lecture Hall

Fish Tail Palm

Leafcutter Ants

Bunga Raya

Jalur Gemilang


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Graduation Part I

Grads go Crazy
We've been through lots of crazy times but this one really sticks with you

After five years of hard (err...yeah) study and lots of occasional fun, I've finally graduated!! No more sleepless nights trying to study, no more lectures and tutorials, no more trips to the library and fun club activities...which is kinda sad. :( But just imagine or recall that great rush of relief after last paper, all I could feel was a sense of freedom......sweet freedom pouring over me. And what made it greater was that I only had one paper!! :P

Seeing my friends graduate before me was weird. It was alot like the movie Home Alone, except there were no robbers, no snow, no toys or tricks. At the same time, being with the juniors was kinda awkward, too. I don't know what to say when I meet people and they ask me what year I am. Is it final FINAL year or what is that alphabet that comes after Epsilon...Zeta?! I felt like a wrinkling raisin among the grapes and the Sunmaid left me behind! :(

Just grapes and sunshine
"Just grapes and sunshine!"

One of them raisins who were left behind as well was William and he's one crazy raisin! The day we finished our exams William, Jon and I went to Shakey's Pizza for lunch. After lunch we went bowling. At night I went for a movie with Jon, Kelly and my sister. We watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. The day after we took some shot of MMU for memo...for the whole friggin day! It was non-stop! And I haven't recovered from my sleeplessness then. IT'S CRAZY MAN!

We started with FOE since it is our faculty building. I remember it when I first came to Cyberjaya, we all had to share it with FIT and other faculties which did not have enough class rooms at that time. It was run-down 'cos the fibre glass panels were not fitted yet and the sealed crack marks were showing all over the place. Now that it's covered, let's hope it doesn't collapse. heheheh
Good times, great taste, at FOE(yeah, we have eaten here too)

They use to put nice red carpet from the corridor up to the first floor whenever a VIP comes to visit, but not anymore. Now the floor is painted red and paint is no where near red carpet when it comes to class. It just isn't cut for it la.
"Yes Y.B., we engineered this"

The stairs look kinda weird at first, it sacrifices the ground floor entrance just to add grandeur to the entering VIP, which leads straight to the FOE Office. That's when the FOE kaks run away in their slippers and hide in the pantry.
Stairway to FOE

William and I decided to take a picture of us bottom up with our heads sticking out from the 2nd half floor. We had the camera ready and set for 10 second timer. Here's a chronology of what happened:

10th second - arrive on 2nd floor
12th second - arrive on spot, too late
15th second - laugh and pant
25th second - still panting
35th second - think of idea
40th second - *bulb lights up*
50th second - calls friend
90th second - friend arrives, makes fun "why not put the time for 5 hours?"
100th sec - friend clicks camera
120th sec - camera snaps
Hence a two minute shot.

Taking pictures in the tutorial room was CRAZY! We wanted to try something funny so we did this. Somehow the resulting picture reminds me of the tutorial sessions we all used to have in Beta and Gamma...packed like sardines, stuffy as hell and sometimes it even stinks! Actually the picture doesn't really depict how it really was la. But you get the drift.
Attack of the clones!(quoted)
Kid, please DO try this at home!

The lecture room on the other hand looks kinda sad. It was right after the morning exams and the doors were locked. Nobody was around...So quiet...
Lecture room
Where have all the students gone?

Perhaps they've all gone for lunch. -_-" huhuhuhu! As forme, I'm definitely out of MMU and right now I picture my life to be like this picture below, reaching out for other words INCOME! I'm still jobless and looking but I have good hopes. The me on the left won't come so soon yet la of course.
Leaping for air
Penganggur melompat-lompat

FOE overlooks FCM/FOM building just across the corridor that leads to the library, the lecture halls, Tau cafe, new FIT building, grand hall...
View in the eyes of FOE

and the library where nerds meet, including myself. I miss the library in Melaka campus more. It was cozy and had a better study environment. Electronics textbook!!!!

I have yet to post some more pictures of my 'graduation'. There are a handful more so it's gonna take a while. It has been fun making Part I. For more picture, do drop by William's blog!!
Library Foyer

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Goodbye MMU

Goodbye MMU
Coming up next, I'll be posting photos taken during the last days of my university life, and maybe some old ones too!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ulu Yam (29 July)

Sungai Sendat, Ulu Yam

Two months ago, William's friend's friend Leona from FCM wanted to take pictures of a waterfall for her assignment. William suggested to drive her there while we tagged along in a car whose owner shall not be named *Winks* hahaha!

And so we arrived at this little village at the foot of the hill...there were people selling fruits and vegetables by the road. It was a muddy day. We didn't know exactly where the waterfall is and Jon's GPS only took us as far as the main roads go. So I went and ask a fruit seller lady. She seemed like she spoke mandarin, so I asked...

Me : Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the waterfall?
Lady: Ha mi ar? (What? in hokkien)
Me : (In Hokkien)How do I get to the....

at this point, I was figuring out how to say 'waterfall' in Hokkian

Me : (still in Hokkian)...the place err...where the water comes down...water...water....

the lady watched me as I mumbled...then suddenly she got what I said...

Lady: Oh!! Air terjun ar?
She went on saying that she didn't know how to get there, and directed me to the opposite stall for further inquiries...
...and we finally got to the waterfall.

Brokenscrew and err...monkey?
Brokenscrew and err...monkey?

Leona and 'EAGLE!'...actually her real name is Liu Yan
Leona and 'EAGLE!'...actually her real name is Liu Yan

After a while at the waterfall, we were joined by a group of enthusiastic elderly trekking their way to the highest part of the waterfall. Amused by our doings, they asked where we came from what what we're doing...and later we (well...only me) even took a picture together. They were from the Malaysian Buddhist Co-operative Society in PJ.

Buddists and me hehe

Then a group picture of to some skinny dippers...
William, 'Eagle!', Leona, Jon, Me
William, 'Eagle!', Leona, Jon, Me

Some weird insect
It's funny how I always attract insects...

Butterfly on my watch
...they love me!! hahahah

Later that day, William brought us to Rawang...and his grandmother's house where there were chickens, dogs...
I think they are an item la
I think they are an item ler...

...and nice food, too. hehe. Didn't get a good picture of the whachamacallit hot sauce over crispy fried noodle...mmmm
Of all the things, I had to take a picture of William's bitch...

William's bitch

Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's Going On?

Here's what's going on. It's my last semester, I have only two subjects to take and I get only three days of classes per week! It kinda sucks, I still can't find a part time job so Wednesdays and Thursdays are when I sit and rot away in front of my soon-to-kong PC.

Saga seeds

I decided to have a break in Ipoh last weekend to freshen up a bit. Ipoh is still the same old - still a little underdeveloped to be called a City. As for my home, nothing much has happened. My dog Goldie is still limping from an accident about a month ago, my rabbit Oreo has moved out (to the backyard) and my family is doing fine.

Close-up on a leaf

Back in Cyberjaya, it's my big sister's birthday. And to celebrate, we all went to Wong Kok Restaurent in Jusco Equine Park for dinner (if you must know, it's the greenest restaurant there)

It's one BIG Teh Ais for one BIG sister...
It's one BIG Teh Ais for one BIG sister...

...but only one SMALL cake and she's all laughs!
...but only one SMALL cake and she's all laughs!

The girls
The girls take a groupie while the guys eat.

Friday 20th July...

You guys know about Nicole's Chanel No.5 advert, well I found a couple of very stupid but very funny parodies of that advert! This amazingly similar one is by Ronni Ancona. It really got me laughing my guts out! And this is by MADTV.

Airplane over Cyberjaya skies
Airplane waiting for clearance.

After robots in disguise, an upcoming movie and one of the most anticipated of all is The Simpsons Movie! Opening in GSCs on the 26th July.

Eat your shorts eh?
Somebody ate his shorts alright!

Me and Brokenscrew decided to get tickets for the gang at 1U. We were relatively late as to getting the tickets, apparently tickets were already on sale in Cineleisure but man we can't wait. Upon reaching the ticket counter, we asked the lady:

wacko: "Hi, may I know when's the first show for Simpsons?"
lady : "Huh?"
wacko: "The Simpsons...the movie"
lady : "Simpsons?"
wacko: "Yeah."

The young lady gave a confused look and checks the computer. As a movie ticket teller she doesn't even know what The Simpsons is!?

lady : "We only have here" (pointing at the list of movies available)
bkscw: "But I went online and checked, we can buy (The Simpsons)tickets online already"
lady : "I'm not sure"
bkscw: "Can we buy tickets ahead for 26th?"

The lady checks the computer again

lady : "26th only got Harry Potter"
bkscw: "When is the showtime for The Simpsons?"
lady : "Wait ah..."

She turns around and asks the guy at the next counter *whispers*. The guy walks to corner and checks for "The Simpsons"

guy : "26th"

There, so much for asking for the time of the show...and all the way there! Dumbfounded, we lepaked in 1U for a while. We bumped into Alan.

Alan Brokenscrew
And we had early dinner at Burger King.

Alan wanted to watch Dead Silence, but was too chicken to watch alone. He described what the movie is about...and tempted us to see this 'Saw'. Me and Brokenscrew wanted to watch Vacancy but in the end the Chuckie wannabe won our hearts over the motel room.. Ooo and believe me, I've seen some good horror fillms but this little ventriloquist dummy, Billy is creepier than you think!

The Stepford Wives
The Perfect Wife

Dead Silence
The Perfect Doll

Here's the poem from the movie about the ventriloquist named Mary Shaw:

"Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls
And if you see her in your dreams
Be sure you never, ever scream
Or she'll rip your tongue out at the seam!!