Thursday, December 20, 2007


Here's what's been going on since my last post.

I found a job. With James' help, I landed myself in a mobile phone company that produces phone I never have thought of buying (I do mean this in a neutral way. No, really!!) :P Here's a hint. It's American. Its not bad actually. Most of time we have more fun than work, which involves testing phones. And speaking of the phones, uhm... great phones...yee-ah...

Anyway, working life sucks. Mainly because I have to wake up at 6.20am, take a shuttle bus to Putrajaya Sentral then take another bus to Kelana Jaya Station...(phew!) and again another shuttle bus to the office. I really dread waking up so damn early. Have I mentioned how bad the jam is? No? Well you don't wanna know.

I miss taking pictures, with a camera that is. Camera phones just don't cut it (doh!).
The Gardens, taken with a XXXXXXXX X9

I was in Singapore recently with Jon, Ena and Ayu. It was my first trip there in 13 years and it really changed my perception of Singaporeans and their country.

Singaporeans and Malaysians are the same in so many many ways. We have mamak, we speak Manglish/Singlish and most importantly we were one same country once...braders and sisters wat. But what makes them them now is that they are kiasu [kia = afraid, su = defeat. kiasu = afraid of being defeated]. They really are! They're arrogant, self-centered, and self-efficient. They will never be caught dead losing (No offense my fellow neighbors). Everything they do, they do their best and they're best at what they do. Just look at how well they're doing now relative to Malaysia.

Enter Singapore at the customs and the difference is apparent. The custom officers' attitude clearly shows. As we passed the first check point, we realized we needed an autopass and so we enquired the custom officer. He gave crystal clear directions in perfect English to where the office is. And because we missed that too, we had to ask another officer. This time, it was a woman. Jon winded down his window and was immediately attended to.
"Yes?" she said
"We missed the custom office for our autopass" said Jon
"Alright, what you can do now is pull over and you'll be guided by the officer over there"
No fuss.
She yelled to another man and told him what we needed. The man hastily guided us to a safe spot, pulled us over and lead Jon to the office. Jon returned to the car in no time with the autopass, a stash of papers and clear guidelines.

One could only imagine how Malaysian customs is. In fact, no need to imagine! As we left Singapore and entered Malaysian customs, we handed our passports to the officer. He looked at the passports and asked
"OK" said the officer and handed the passports back to us without checking nor any stampings.


Clarke Quay

Last week, my sis, Jon and I (Kelly couldn't make it) went to a MYCAT (The Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers) event in Zoo Negara. It was an awareness event for people to sign the petition to urge the government to amend the Protection of Wildlife Act, which does not cover the protection againts use of products made from tigers.

The Malayan Tiger

Crime scene


Mary had TWO little lambs



Feed them elephants for RM1

Jon, me and sis.

Where is the show?

I work in the pantry(yes, the test team works in the pantry). The pantry is consists of a fridge, an oven, James, Sunny, Paul(a), Elvin (Mr Low), Chee Leong and Cina Ling. Its not a bad place. In fact its better! Wide angle view of the golf course just outside, seperate air-con unit for the pantry, and lots of biscuits. Sometimes people buy us nice food. We eat. Sometime people keep THEIR food in the pantry. We eat. Whatever (food) comes in will never see daylight...muahahaha! That's just how things work...
What I see everyday at work

I apologize for the low quality pictures. I'll try to get hold of my camera again, then i can take high resolution picture of the cake I sat on this morning....


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