Saturday, July 21, 2007

What's Going On?

Here's what's going on. It's my last semester, I have only two subjects to take and I get only three days of classes per week! It kinda sucks, I still can't find a part time job so Wednesdays and Thursdays are when I sit and rot away in front of my soon-to-kong PC.

Saga seeds

I decided to have a break in Ipoh last weekend to freshen up a bit. Ipoh is still the same old - still a little underdeveloped to be called a City. As for my home, nothing much has happened. My dog Goldie is still limping from an accident about a month ago, my rabbit Oreo has moved out (to the backyard) and my family is doing fine.

Close-up on a leaf

Back in Cyberjaya, it's my big sister's birthday. And to celebrate, we all went to Wong Kok Restaurent in Jusco Equine Park for dinner (if you must know, it's the greenest restaurant there)

It's one BIG Teh Ais for one BIG sister...
It's one BIG Teh Ais for one BIG sister...

...but only one SMALL cake and she's all laughs!
...but only one SMALL cake and she's all laughs!

The girls
The girls take a groupie while the guys eat.

Friday 20th July...

You guys know about Nicole's Chanel No.5 advert, well I found a couple of very stupid but very funny parodies of that advert! This amazingly similar one is by Ronni Ancona. It really got me laughing my guts out! And this is by MADTV.

Airplane over Cyberjaya skies
Airplane waiting for clearance.

After robots in disguise, an upcoming movie and one of the most anticipated of all is The Simpsons Movie! Opening in GSCs on the 26th July.

Eat your shorts eh?
Somebody ate his shorts alright!

Me and Brokenscrew decided to get tickets for the gang at 1U. We were relatively late as to getting the tickets, apparently tickets were already on sale in Cineleisure but man we can't wait. Upon reaching the ticket counter, we asked the lady:

wacko: "Hi, may I know when's the first show for Simpsons?"
lady : "Huh?"
wacko: "The Simpsons...the movie"
lady : "Simpsons?"
wacko: "Yeah."

The young lady gave a confused look and checks the computer. As a movie ticket teller she doesn't even know what The Simpsons is!?

lady : "We only have here" (pointing at the list of movies available)
bkscw: "But I went online and checked, we can buy (The Simpsons)tickets online already"
lady : "I'm not sure"
bkscw: "Can we buy tickets ahead for 26th?"

The lady checks the computer again

lady : "26th only got Harry Potter"
bkscw: "When is the showtime for The Simpsons?"
lady : "Wait ah..."

She turns around and asks the guy at the next counter *whispers*. The guy walks to corner and checks for "The Simpsons"

guy : "26th"

There, so much for asking for the time of the show...and all the way there! Dumbfounded, we lepaked in 1U for a while. We bumped into Alan.

Alan Brokenscrew
And we had early dinner at Burger King.

Alan wanted to watch Dead Silence, but was too chicken to watch alone. He described what the movie is about...and tempted us to see this 'Saw'. Me and Brokenscrew wanted to watch Vacancy but in the end the Chuckie wannabe won our hearts over the motel room.. Ooo and believe me, I've seen some good horror fillms but this little ventriloquist dummy, Billy is creepier than you think!

The Stepford Wives
The Perfect Wife

Dead Silence
The Perfect Doll

Here's the poem from the movie about the ventriloquist named Mary Shaw:

"Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls
And if you see her in your dreams
Be sure you never, ever scream
Or she'll rip your tongue out at the seam!!

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