Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Graduation Part I

Grads go Crazy
We've been through lots of crazy times but this one really sticks with you

After five years of hard (err...yeah) study and lots of occasional fun, I've finally graduated!! No more sleepless nights trying to study, no more lectures and tutorials, no more trips to the library and fun club activities...which is kinda sad. :( But just imagine or recall that great rush of relief after last paper, all I could feel was a sense of freedom......sweet freedom pouring over me. And what made it greater was that I only had one paper!! :P

Seeing my friends graduate before me was weird. It was alot like the movie Home Alone, except there were no robbers, no snow, no toys or tricks. At the same time, being with the juniors was kinda awkward, too. I don't know what to say when I meet people and they ask me what year I am. Is it final FINAL year or what is that alphabet that comes after Epsilon...Zeta?! I felt like a wrinkling raisin among the grapes and the Sunmaid left me behind! :(

Just grapes and sunshine
"Just grapes and sunshine!"

One of them raisins who were left behind as well was William and he's one crazy raisin! The day we finished our exams William, Jon and I went to Shakey's Pizza for lunch. After lunch we went bowling. At night I went for a movie with Jon, Kelly and my sister. We watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. The day after we took some shot of MMU for memo...for the whole friggin day! It was non-stop! And I haven't recovered from my sleeplessness then. IT'S CRAZY MAN!

We started with FOE since it is our faculty building. I remember it when I first came to Cyberjaya, we all had to share it with FIT and other faculties which did not have enough class rooms at that time. It was run-down 'cos the fibre glass panels were not fitted yet and the sealed crack marks were showing all over the place. Now that it's covered, let's hope it doesn't collapse. heheheh
Good times, great taste, at FOE(yeah, we have eaten here too)

They use to put nice red carpet from the corridor up to the first floor whenever a VIP comes to visit, but not anymore. Now the floor is painted red and paint is no where near red carpet when it comes to class. It just isn't cut for it la.
"Yes Y.B., we engineered this"

The stairs look kinda weird at first, it sacrifices the ground floor entrance just to add grandeur to the entering VIP, which leads straight to the FOE Office. That's when the FOE kaks run away in their slippers and hide in the pantry.
Stairway to FOE

William and I decided to take a picture of us bottom up with our heads sticking out from the 2nd half floor. We had the camera ready and set for 10 second timer. Here's a chronology of what happened:

10th second - arrive on 2nd floor
12th second - arrive on spot, too late
15th second - laugh and pant
25th second - still panting
35th second - think of idea
40th second - *bulb lights up*
50th second - calls friend
90th second - friend arrives, makes fun "why not put the time for 5 hours?"
100th sec - friend clicks camera
120th sec - camera snaps
Hence a two minute shot.

Taking pictures in the tutorial room was CRAZY! We wanted to try something funny so we did this. Somehow the resulting picture reminds me of the tutorial sessions we all used to have in Beta and Gamma...packed like sardines, stuffy as hell and sometimes it even stinks! Actually the picture doesn't really depict how it really was la. But you get the drift.
Attack of the clones!(quoted)
Kid, please DO try this at home!

The lecture room on the other hand looks kinda sad. It was right after the morning exams and the doors were locked. Nobody was around...So quiet...
Lecture room
Where have all the students gone?

Perhaps they've all gone for lunch. -_-" huhuhuhu! As forme, I'm definitely out of MMU and right now I picture my life to be like this picture below, reaching out for other words INCOME! I'm still jobless and looking but I have good hopes. The me on the left won't come so soon yet la of course.
Leaping for air
Penganggur melompat-lompat

FOE overlooks FCM/FOM building just across the corridor that leads to the library, the lecture halls, Tau cafe, new FIT building, grand hall...
View in the eyes of FOE

and the library where nerds meet, including myself. I miss the library in Melaka campus more. It was cozy and had a better study environment. Electronics textbook!!!!

I have yet to post some more pictures of my 'graduation'. There are a handful more so it's gonna take a while. It has been fun making Part I. For more picture, do drop by William's blog!!
Library Foyer


William Leong said...

Amen brother!

ezriq said...

this is a good one. i wonder how ppl that doesnt know you also can find your blog...heheh, and yeah, i'm serious!

anyway, keep up the good work. next time share some knowledge on photography and how to touch up photos la...u know i'm a noob in that.

kang yong said...

nice photo..

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