Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paris - Day II

Long delay there from Day I to Day II. Mostly because I was so lazy...and photobucket was giving me upload problems. Anyways this is Day II of Paris:

Day II, I set out to explore Paris on my own since none of the rest wanted to leave the hotel. I rented a bicycle from the self-help bicycle stands available in many parts of the city, pretty convenient stuff.

Panorama of Paris
Panorama of Paris

The French Statue of Liberty by the Seine, Paris
The French Statue of Liberty by the Seine

Then of course there were brands like these:

Jimmy Choo

And these are just some of the nice scenery taken which look very postcard-ish...


I finally arrived at Notre Dame, the iconic landmark of renaissance Paris. This is where Quasimodo the hunchback bell ringer came from!!! Haha
Infront of Notre Dame
Infront of Notre Dame, which means "Our Dame" or "Our Lady"


Here are the people who helped me took a picture of me in front of Notre Dame. They were doing a bit for some TV channel or university video project...

They say Paris is the most romantic city in the world where one finds love and falls in it, I say it is also a weird city where one finds strange encounters:

A car is parked outside a church...
weird car outside a church

The police spotted the car...

The police woman takes a look at the car...

Is it just me or is the car damn weird looking. So is it because it was parked at a no-parking zone or were the police as amused?

The day was short lived, I had to report for work in the evening. I had late lunch after my day around Paris and what an expensive place to live in. A plate of steak with a glass of apricot juice cost €14, that's MYR70!
RM70 Lunch

So there you go, Day II at Paris. Sorry I have to keep the posts concise and limit the number of pictures since I'll have tons of posts coming up.



MuN said... where people fell in love!

niveKsedrouL said...

The car is evil.....