Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

First of all, Merry belated Christmas hahahah and Happy New Year. I apologize there are no many updates these days. Reason being I've been busy with work and too tired after work...and my PC is dead so I can't do much editing.

My blog is one year old! What a great year it was..

In the spirit of a great new year, here's a little story of what happened just a couple of days ago. My backpack was stolen while I was away from the car. Nevermind how it happened, what's most saddening is I've got a list of treasure inside:

1. Company laptop
2. Company handphones (all two)
3. Company simcard
4. My passport (lemme say that again...MY FRIGGIN PASSPORT!)
5. My birth certificate (you think this is bad?)
6. All my photocopies of education certificates! (It can't get any worse?)
7. Original certificates. Everything (You have just met the stupidest person in the world)

What a stupid mistake to be so careless. What a stupid thing to put original and photocopies of everything together. And why the hell would I be carrying my passport and birth certificate around? Yea, in that 'great' spirit...I had to look on the bright side of it and be positive about the whole thing!?

So you guys out there who lost your wallet or IC and think you're damn unlucky and damn suay, think again. I've lost my IC before, too.

Have a blessed new year.



ezriq said...

bro, hope you are doing fine although it's really a heartache having so many things gone at one time.

Hope things will get better.


Anonymous said...

Good things will come after all these...cheer up!!!

sansan said...

happy chinese new year ! ...May this brand new year bring you more happiness and luck....Let's forget the past. Good luck and all the best in your future ....cheers !

Name: Calvin Low said...

Thanks guys