Tuesday, February 6, 2007


25 Jan

Everybody has seen The Eye on Malaysia. Pictures were taken, comments were given...it's minuscule compared to The London Eye. Ok maybe that is an overstatement. Truth is although it is only 60M in height and has only 42 gondolas, it's probably every kid's wish to get a ride in it. (refer to http://calvinlow.photoblog.com)

The other day my sister and I went to Jusco Equine Park and noticed a ferris wheel across the road. It had 10 'cages' with fancy lights around it and hell it was literally spinning away! So fast the 'cages' were swinging away from the wheel! I couldn't take a picture of it up close...but we gave it a name - Eye on Equine Park.

I thought, what is going to happen to these fun fair ferris wheels? It's funny now to look at them and give names but ironically there's a hint of patheticness. I'm sure everyone of us had wanted to ride in one of these when we were little but now that there's The Eye on Malaysia, who will ride these eyes?

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